1. I can totally identify with your feelings on this. Sometimes I feel more ‘exposed and vulnerable’ in my images than I do at other times but that is often about the image because I look at it through harsh self critical eyes…. the ones that make me feel that way tend to linger longer in my edit folder until I am ‘ready’ to let them go and accept them and me for who I am.


  2. My first thought when I saw this was that you look like a gorgeous, classical painting. The way your arms are angled as you undo your braid, the composition, your beautiful self..It’s a lovely image and I’m so happy you posted this version.

    • Thanks Malin! I hadn’t looked at it like that. This is what I mean by seeing the images through other people’s eyes. Now I can see a painting rather than just focusing on the parts I’m still coming to terms with. It helps 🙂

  3. We all have images that we don’t like yet others won’t see what we dislike even though they can identify with those feelings. I have one in particular I’m working up the courage to post.

    • Yes, this is exactly why I love Sinful Sunday. It’s important to see the images we don’t like through the eyes of everyone else. I’m looking forward to seeing yours!

  4. The Other Livvy

    This is a really beautiful photo, you look wonderful! I love how the soft focus gives it a bit of a dream-like quality. It’s amazing! Xxx

  5. I wish I could say something with delicacy and taste but when I look at this image I am suddenly a farm-boy again. Crawling beneath the picnic table to gaze up the skirts of the farmer’s wives and admire their thighs. Your shape is the ideal and your curves are burned into my genes. My genes tell me your shape is the only acceptable shape because your shape is healthy and nourishing. Ok, I am going to look away now but thanks Maria.

  6. I know exactly the feeling you describe here – I’m always tempted to crop in that way. I’m so glad you didn’t though, because this is stunning, and so are you x

  7. Like others here, I look at your image and see a classic painting.

    The image is beautiful. When I first saw it, I found myself looking at the ‘action’ – your hands and your hair. Then my eyes wandered down your body, taking in the detail and loving what I see. Because, It’s beautiful.

    My mind also went to my own photos, knowing I have rolls like that too and wondering why I hate mine so much, while obviously appreciating yours in this image. Our self-image is a strange thing…

    You’re beautiful!

    Rebel xox

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