1. You are completely correct – confidence is sexy no matter what you look like. I, unfortunately do not exude confidence most of the time, am shy, and socially awkward…but there are days, like you, when I can pull it off. The recipe isn’t complicated, and ingredients aren’t hard to find, but cooking it up just right…that takes a bit of effort.

    • That is such a great analogy! It is a simple recipe, but yeah, sometimes finding the confidence is so tricky. And, confidence breeds confidence, which can be difficult when you feel you’re starting at zero. It helps to try and find one good thing and build from there.

  2. I too have my days when I feel good and know I am turning heads, because I feel confident, but most of the time I am just another one on the street or in the mall.

    And you know, I cannot help but think that those who do normally turn heads, have their off days on which no one even pays attention to them 😉

    Thanks for sharing this and welcome to Wicked Wednesday! Hope to see you here a lot more 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I absolutely agree, sexy is an attitude not a body shape or a look or a hair colour etc. Oh and those day when you the attitude is just buzzing from you, those are great days


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