1. This is soooooooooooo good, clever old you. I love the way your finger just grazes your nipple but you can see your breast move in response. Beautiful


  2. MARIA!!! This is brilliant. I am rendered speechless by this. The framing, the lighting, the beautiful image of your nipple, amazing, simply amazing. And a GIF??? I think you have started a trend here!

    • Thank you Oleander! I have a feeling it is hard to render you speechless so I’ll take that as highest praise 🙂 The GIF was not as difficult as I thought it might be (but harder than I hoped it would be) so I’d definitely encourage others to try. It could be addicting.

  3. Came here more than once and got distracted just watching the gif. This is really great. I think you really captured touch really well.

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