1. I love how you have created drama with the deep dark shadows and the intensity of the light on your hands to really create depth between them and your body in the background. Very powerful image and I hope you are OK


    • Thanks Molly! I’m glad you like the photo. I used an led flashlight pointed toward me and moved in and out of the light as I took photos.

      As for the inspiration, I’m OK. I should have clarified that the photo was darker and more dramatic than the situation really merited. But once I got the idea in my head I kind of ran with it. (Also, occasionally, I give in to my melodramatic tendencies).

  2. Powerful, powerful image. It’s both defensive and vulnerable all at the same time and I can feel the emotion behind it. Sending you lots of hugs. Jane xxx

  3. Been there done that especially when told something I wish I hadn’t been.

    Love this picture for sure. Definitely tells great emotions without facial expressions.

    Beautifully done!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

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