• This is exactly what I was wondering. Petroleum based products can be so greasy/oily which is hard to get off without water.

      Anyhow, the Vaseline did the trick. Sexy shot.

      • Thanks! I replied to Dee’s comment with how I did it but I used just the tiniest tiny bit and then it wiped clean with dry cloth. If I were using a nice camera rather than my phone, I probably wouldn’t risk it.

    • The guide recommended using a piece of glass in front of your lens rather than putting it directly on your lens. But since I shoot everything with my phone and on that the camera is already behind a piece of glass, (shooting from the screen side) I just put the very tiniest dab over the little lens area then wiped most of it off with my finger so it was just a smudge, like a fingerprint. Then I took the pics. After, I wiped it with a piece of flannel and it’s back to normal. Or seems to be 🙂

  1. Oh this is just wonderful!!! And I can’t wait to show Hubby as he’s always worried about getting lube too close to his camera . . . maybe he should try this effect!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. This is a lovely shot! Its good to see that the vaseline works so well.

    I was lucky when I read up on my camera there is an “in camera” ability to soft focus an imiage and I used that option to create mine. I loved the effect so much I might look to do more of this and maybe by a proper filter/lens.

    Velvet x

  3. I think this is stunning, there is something about the shoulder being revealed and the slip of the bra strap that is so very sexy.

    You were very brave going with the vaseline option. To be honest I wouldn’t try it directly on the lens of a camera but buy a small bit of glass to place in front to the lens as getting it off afterwards can be a real bitch


    • Thanks Molly! I wouldn’t have used the Vaseline on a proper camera, but since I was using my phone, and the lens there is already covered with a separate layer of glass, I just went ahead. Though you make a good point, if I couldn’t have gotten it all off I would have been in trouble for any future photos. I did not really think that through very well 🙂

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