1. Love the rays of the sun coming in from the windows shining on your beautiful body. It adds an excellent element to the image.

    Nature at its finest too.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  2. Oh my Maria I think I just had a little photogasm. This is such a fucking awesome shot! The light streaming in through the windows illuminating your beautiful breasts is just amazing but it is the wood, the grit and grain of it, that is in direct contrast to the softness of your hand and which leads the eye into the shot that I love. Brilliant camera work lady, just brilliant!


  3. so beautiful…
    both images are impressive for different reasons but i love the DOF in the first and i am jealous you have a voice activation option!! even if you couldnt use it!!

    so midwestern lady, we are practically family!
    sadly i havent been there in years 🙁

  4. I agree with everything Molly mentioned; the texture of the wood contrasts with your bare skin beautifully, and the light is striking–gorgeous shot Maria!

  5. This shot is amazing. The slight uptilt of your chin reminds me of a cat basking in the sun. Content. And thank you for sharing such a personal picture in the second–I’m guessing from the way you spoke of it, this has something to do with where you’re from or who you are–I don’t need details, but it is lovely and appreciated.


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