1. I follow Sinful Sunday pretty religiously but I have never commented before because until today I didn’t have an online profile that wasn’t connected to my business! But your photos are more often than not in my favourites so now I am here properly I am going to be so happy to be able to comment!

  2. I love it when that happens, when the best shot is the unplanned, unexpected one…. there is something extra special about those ones. I love the reflections in your images but I can’t take my eyes off you mouth and beautiful bow shape of your top lip


    • Thanks Dee! Yes, most of my accidental shots are not even remotely delightful surprises 🙂 they are more like “what is that pink blob in front of the lens, is it a thumb?” but I’m glad this one worked 🙂

    • This was the morning after all the drinking but half an hour before the hangover really kicked in. Somehow I thought a shower would help. I was quite wrong. And thank you for that lovely, lovely compliment! I might just have to use it as my epitaph someday.

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