1. The Other Livvy

    Oh my gosh, these are amazing!! The mirror shot is so beautiful but I think I like the second one better. The bright red with the otherwise subdued and vintage colours is really wonderful, you look beautiful! Xxx

  2. Wow Maria – these are stunning.
    While I do love the effect and mystery the Mirror, it’s Lipstick that has just bowled me over. It’s such a perfect and gorgeous image. The colours are amazing – right down to the gentle flush over your décollete.

    Wow. *scurries back for another look*
    X x x

  3. Nope I can totally see why you had trouble picking a favourite. I think both of them are visually strong but for very different reasons. There is something about the pearls in the second shot that just keeps pulling my eye but the first image, is the most intriguing and one that keeps bring me back to it as I explore further into its layers


  4. I saw the first image and thought it couldn’t possibly be topped. Then I saw the second and was blown away. Unbelievably erotic. I feel like I need to stare at it awhile longer.

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