1. Ha! Whenever I come to comment on Sinful Sunday I start at the bottom of the list because I know you’re a late poster and I can never wait to see what you’ve done. *This* is just amazing. Gorgeous! Xx

    • This was so lovely to read! (And totally flattering!) I always feel a bit guilty about submitting last so often, like I’m turning my homework in late. You’ve single handedly made me fine with my end-of-list timing. 🙂

  2. This is brilliant. I love how the heart shape in the window is perfectly mirrored by the heart shape of your panties. Absolutely inspired work


  3. The Other Livvy

    Oh, this is wonderful! You look gorgeous and it’s a perfect tribute to an amazing film. Xxx

  4. Heaven

    This is amazing, reminds me of a pic I took and it turned out my butt and the outfit I had on looked like a heart. It is rare to capture beautiful pics like this.

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