1. This is a really cool idea. I think I prefer the second one, with your just breast showing and I know what you mean about it being slightly surreal, but I also found myself searching the photo for the outline of your body, but it’s almost like you’re not there! The muted colours of the bedding really work too. I’m looking forward to seeing if you get beach creative next week! Have a fab holiday. Xx

  2. I love them both for different reasons. I love how your leg pulls our eye through the first image, but the second image plays with your mind a little more.

  3. Oh they are both FUN . . . but I love the first one just because it seems to flow so naturally from breast to leg . . . but they both do make me smile. And that is always important for me !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. It is not an easy choice but I found myself constantly drawn back to the first image. The breast and then the leg seem oddly disjointed. You know it is one person and yet, we can not be absolutely sure from the image alone


  5. Oh I like these very much. My favourite would be the first one just because you get a glimpse of both breast and leg and the eye kind of travels down the image.

    Velvet x

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