1. Oh my god! Maria! I just laughed so hard I nearly woke up the house!! That was brilliant! I especially loved that that his engorged phallus sprang free like a stallion on the heath”. It was totally magnificent! I’m all but ready to swoon!

    Malin xxx

  2. You know, I was banging away on Twitter earlier about having more ‘velvet coated steel’ appendages in the #EuphOff and you’ve well and truly delivered the goods, my dear! And, oh, those celestial orbs …

    Wonderful entry and thank you so much for taking part in the meme – I love that everyone’s having so much fun with it.


  3. “…sprang free like a stallion on the heath…”

    Oh my – that was quite something. And yes, rather reminiscent of the bodice-rippers of my younger years 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. AWESOME!!!!! Oh, hot damn, this was the greatest idea ever, thanks Jane! And thank you, Maria, this was hysterical!

    Ponderous pendulum. I’m going to be chanting that all day!!

    Ponderous pendulum, ponderous pendulum…

  5. For me, it was “the shimmering apex of her sex”. And the fact that Arabella is THE quintessential name for heroines in those bodice-rippers. I read more than a few of those myself, before I knew better!

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