1. I understand the “more comfortable with my body naked than clothed” perspective. I have a much easier time liking my body when it’s not smushed and squeezed into fabric. No clothes? No undergarments? Double check.

    I’m loving your denim skirt and the tantalizing can’t-quite-see glimpse at the shadowed “V” it provides. đŸ™‚
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  2. When I was in my late teens and early 20’s going braless was very common. And you will never stop people looking as sex is a natural urge and breasts are seen as sexy.
    What I find interesting is my daughter is young and big breasted but up until recently wore one of those padded bras. When I asked why she said so people can’t make out my nipples! I told her how at her age I was walking braless down the street in just a t-shirt and she said “but people would look”. They did but I didnt care.
    Nice image – you sitting there all comfy.:-)

  3. I hear you about bras. I have lots of them but not many that are both comfortable and fit well and working from home means I have grown used to the braless state of being and so putting one on seems to be becoming less and less tolerable to me.

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  4. I rarely wear a bra when I’m at home. Yet when I’m out I could never be without one. Firstly, my nipples are like coat hangers and are very reactive but actually I’m very aware of my small breasts so I love to have a bit of padding for some shape.
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  5. There is really no need for me to wear a bra, and still I do every day. I have been to the office before without a bra and absolutely no one has noticed, but still I felt very vulnerable and self-conscious. Reading your words, I ask myself why. I would love to go without a bra every day, to never wear them again, but somehow I am reluctant to just take the step…

    Love your image!

    Rebel xox
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  6. The great feeling as you walk through the door and discard the bra! Clothes you must wear them, not the other way around. I like this image, you appeared relaxed yet sexy

  7. What an interesting post and important points. Interestingly I’ve put on weight over the last year since I stopped regular running after last marathon and hadn’t really noticed how badly my clothes had started to fit/look in their state. It interested me because I realised I am so much more confident in my naked state and feel so much better that it came as quite a shock when clothes didn’t fit and then that zapped my confidence. It amused me that previously it was being naked that bothered me but now being clothed does! Xx
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    • Yes, i feel like I’d be much more comfortable naked all the time – though that likely goes along with the fact that when naked, I’m usually doing stuff I truly enjoy (fucking, wanking, sleeping). But I think I’m going to push myself to take more Sinful Sundays clothed.

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