1. I love being fully shaved. It drives me crazy when it isn’t. I can leave my legs at times (health reasons for that…hard to explain) but my bits need to be defused. Very nice image. Soft, delicate and more sensual.

  2. silverdomuk

    Like you, your pussy is beautiful. 🙂

    I find I like shaved for oral, but prefer the visual of a little hair – Silverdrop, with my willing assistance keeps hers trimmed short.

  3. I think this is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I love the way the line of your pussy curves round and almost creates a dimple where it disappears into your flesh.


  4. I MUCH prefer completely shaved whether on me or a female lover.
    This photo…
    Well. it makes me want to share thoughts that I fear would make you retire into shyness forever. So suffice to say, I have a tingly tongue and other intimate parts of me after seeing this.

  5. This is beautiful! I remember the first time I published an intimate shot and how scary it felt. Rest assured that this is stunningly beautiful and erotic!

    ~Mia~ xx

    • Thanks so much Mia! I was definitely nervous to post it. But knowing how positive and supportive everyone who participates in Sinful Sunday is, I decided to just go for it.

  6. It’s such a scary step to take isn’t it? But you have a beautiful pussy and should be proud. I do prefer shaved myself it just feels so deliciously silky and smooth.

  7. I’ve been smooth off and on (see Hair today, gone tomorrow) since they first sprouted. I’ve been smooth ever since I’ve been with my husband though. He is quite hairy, although he keeps his pubes neatly trimmed, and the sensations of his prickliness against my smooth sensitive bits drives me mad.
    Like Cara, I love a smooth cunt when I’m with a girl, although my current “girlfriend” actually has a lovely neatly trimmed bush (or nose tickler as she calls it).
    When I had pubes, I used to love running my fingers through the soft curls when I was playing with myself, and I do kind of miss that, but I much prefer being a smoothie (especially when hubby doesn’t shave for a few days… #Moist
    Katie xx

    • Thanks for this! I’m loving hearing everyone’s reasons for why they do or don’t go bare. I think I’ll keep with it for awhile so I can decide how I really feel about it. May try waxing at some point, though, the pain… not sure on that.

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