Get behind me…

Naked woman in a dark doorway, facing away.

I was nervous about this one but found that by the end of the process, I was admiring the way the light played and the shadows rounded, rather than cringing at the perceived “flaws” I’ve carried around in my head for years. A step in the right direction, anyway.

See what else is sinful on Sunday:

Sinful Sunday


  1. This is so beautiful, you have a lovely bottom and I love the light and shadows and this really shows of the way your waist curves in so beautifully


  2. Michael Samadhi

    Everybody has a body, and none of them are perfect. You, my dear, have a lovely body with beautiful curves, feel confident in that!

    • Thanks so much! It really has made a difference seeing parts of myself through a camera and subsequently through other people’s eyes. All the positivity surrounding Sinful Sunday and this community is pretty incredible!

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